Firstly Kahaani 2 is not a sequel to 2012’s Kahaani. Also comparing Kahaani 2 to Kahaani is just unfair. Sujoy Ghosh has an altogether different and an interesting story. It’s a bit difficult to surpass your own unbeatable film which was so warmly accepted by the nation. That’s the exact case of Kahaani 2.

Kahaani 2 tells a great story giving out a social message or portrays the darker side of our society. It’s simply amazing the way Sujoy Ghosh revolves his story around this particular rather sensitive issue. The first half of Kahaani 2 is phenomenal. Every now and then Sujoy throws a googly raising numerous questions in your mind. The pace is fast and the curiosity level is beyond imagination. Second half is not actually problematic but just the writing becomes slightly weak rather ordinary to be precise. It’s good but does not have that spark of first half. The story looses its track in between but it’s still engaging and that’s where Sujoy comes out as a true winner in storytelling. In fact the treatment of the last twenty minutes is ditto like Kahaani where the suspense is revealed. Overall the story, it’s execution and treatment is amazing. There are few clearly visible flaws in Sujoy’s writing but the performances and execution makes you forgive them.

Vidya Balan is an actor who is one of it’s kind. There can’t be another Vidya Balan for next few decades. Her performance in Kahaani 2 is just a gentle reminder that she still is a powerhouse of talent. She has lived Durga Rani Singh and Vidya Sinha with Kahaani 2. She is flawless and her dedication to make her performance so amazing is worth applauding. Arjun Rampal is fantastic in the film. He has given an altogether different face to Hindi cinema cops. His style is adorable and act is phenomenal. High chances of his fan following increasing after Kahaani 2. Jugal Hansraj is a true revelation. He is outstanding in such character. He has brilliantly pulled of this character with grey shades. It’s hard to believe that he can do something like this so aptly. There are many more characters in the film and all of them have done complete justice to their parts. Performances in Kahaani 2 make the film strong.

Editing of Kahaani 2 is pitch perfect. Even though the second half is bit dodgy the film still manages to hold your attention throughout. Not even a single shot seems unnecessary in the film. The film has been shot at some amazing locations. Even the indoor shots are so well designed. The film looks very real. Clinton Cerejo’s compositions may not take the limelight from the story but surely make their presence felt. Background score is very gripping creating the perfect feel and mood of the film.

Overall Kahaani 2 surely has many reasons in it to be watched. Vidya Balan, Sujoy Ghosh, the overall story and most importantly the film is worth a watch. I strongly recommend Kahaani 2. Also half point extra just because Vidya is my personal favouritešŸ˜

Rating: 3.5/5


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