Bharat Jadhav and Kedar Shinde; this actor director duo is a deadly combination. Be it films or plays this duo has always had something bigger, better and at times out of the box treat for the audience. Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi may not fit to most of these adjectives but it surely entertains you like nothing else.

With Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi, Kedar Shinde seems to be playing very safe. The story of the play is very simple and straight forward. The intensity of twists and turns in the play is low and most of them also seem predictable after one point of time but Kedar Shinde’s direction handles this weak point of the play smartly. First half barely has any substance in it but the actors give it their best shot to make it thoroughly enjoyable and they totally succeed in doing so. By the end of first half you are satisfied but are craving for something more. Second half comes with a bang and you are in for a great joyride. Here story takes an interesting turn making the play a great watch. The humor level increases, primary protagonists get variations in their characters and they are much more better than what you have seen them doing till now. Song and dance in the play is like a bonus which takes the entertainment value of the play to an altogether different level. When you have Mayuresh Pem and Sukanya Kalan dance on stage the performance is surely a paisa vasool act and so is the play.

Bharat Jadhav is unbeatable when it comes to stage performances. It is a privilege for everyone to see him perform on stage. In Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi without any second thought he steals the show. The other actor who could match Bharat Jadhav is Mayuresh Pem. He took me by surprise with his act. Highly energetic and thoroughly entertaining. It is a pure delight to see him on stage. Pari Telang was another surprise for me. Her act in the entire play is good but her command over her performance in initial scenes of the play is simply superb. There is just one word to describe Chaitali Gupte’s performance in this play; flawless. She seemed to be the perfect actor to play Nani’s part. The highlight of their performances is when all these four characters are forced to behave in a civilized manner. Chaitali Gupte’s portrayal of finding it difficult to behave so and Pari Telang’s weird laugh gives you a great dose of laughter. This primary cast of the play shines out from the rest. Kanchan Pagare and Kamlakar Satpute perfectly fit their parts. They are amazing and supported well by Smita Gondkar. Vibhav Rajadyaksha and Sukanya Kalan have limited part; Sukanya especially but they have performed excellently. Jayraj Nair is just good whereas Prashant Vichare is too good in his various act; eligible groom being the most hilarious one even though that part is written in a very caricature manner. Performance wise Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi deserves a double thumbs up. Undoubtedly one of the strongest factor of the play.

Kedar Shinde’s direction and Vasant Sabnis’ writing is strictly average. The writing lacked the much required grip, especially in the first half. Pradeep Mulye’s set design is very ordinary. It is perfect as per the story but is just not pleasing enough. Sai and Piyush’s music is simple and good. The title track is simply superb. It also performed brilliantly by all the actors. Soniya Parchure’s choreography is enjoyable. It is very refreshing to see the dance performances. The costumes are very well researched and lighting is noteworthy. 

Overall Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi is high on entertainment filled with good humor. The play gives out a very simple message in most simplest way. Considering the play is directed by Kedar Shinde and is lead by Bharat Jadhav it could have been better, but nonetheless Saujanyachi Aishi taishi makes for a great watch. I recommend this one.

Rating: 3.5/5


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  1. I saw this natak at Pune. This natak is not written by Mr. Vasant Sabnis. They say that Mr. Sabnis is the writer of this natak at the introduction. But it is not true. 90% of the dialogues have been changed. Not only dialogues but they have changed the characters, plot everything. They have killed the soul of a very good comedy natak. I am not sure, if Mr. Sabnis was alive, whether he had given permission for such criminal changes. I would say this is not Saujanyachi aishitaishi but original natakachi aishitaishi.


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