Tum Bin 2 could have been better and enjoyable if the cast was different. Not that the cast is bad but it’s just that such simple story needed popular faces for the film to work at the ticket window.

Tum Bin 2 is very much like Tum Bin. So if you have seen Tum Bin then this one is very predictable for you. This one is not a carbon copy but the minor changes in the story are very easy to predict.

There is no doubt Tum Bin 2 is filled with simplicity. Performances are honest, direction is very ordinary and story/screenplay is with least creativity. Even though genuine efforts are made to make Tum Bin 2 nothing makes this film worth a watch. It’s just that film does not have anything in it to hold your attention. Film has lots of emotions but they fail to reach you as they are not emoted well.

Music in the film goes unnoticed. Teri Fariyaad is like a breeze and that’s all about the music in the film. VFX in the film is just bad. Editing hardly had any chance to make Tum Bin 2 any better. As per the story nothing seemed unnecessary in the film. The screenplay demanded 147 minutes runtime.

Neha Sharma was simple and genuine. Aditya Seal was good at his act. Aashim Gulati struggled in every single shot to look convincing. Sandali Sinha’s few seconds presence reminds us of Tum Bin.

It’s not that Tum Bin was like a path breaking romantic film in 2001 but it was refreshing. Tum Bin 2 sadly is not even that. This one can be seen once on TV just for the heck of it. This one has nothing in it that one needs to make any efforts to watch this one. My rating is just for the genuine efforts of few members of Tum Bin 2.

Rating: 2/5


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