Force 2 is same old story with no innovation in it at all. Even Abhinay Deo directing the film could not save the film.

Force 2 is the same ofdicer and RAW agent’s story who are out on a mission. The antagonist is out to take the revenge. The reason for his revenge is injustice towards his family by Government.

Force 2 starts off on a pretty decent note. Most of the first half keeps you engaged knowing that there is nothing new in this one yet you are glued to your seat. That is the only effort made by Abhinay Deo to make Force 2 bearable. Towards the end of first half film looses its grip and is least interesting. Second half talks more about past of the characters making the film very difficult to handle.

Force 2 is promoted as an action film. Action here is pretty good but not exceptional. Also the action is limited. Second half barely has some action. Film has been shot at some beautiful  locations but they unfortunately add no importance to the film.

There is no point talking about the performances in the film. John Abraham has done what he does in every film. Maintain same expression throughout the film and fight the bad guys. Sonakshi Sinha could have been a surprise but she ends up being just an support to John in the film and nothing else. She hardly has half action scene and rest of the time she is running. Tahir Raj Bhasin was a pure disappointment. After a supremely impressive act in Mardaani in Force 2 Tahir just repeats himself as a smart antagonist. There was nothing different in his performance. It’s a pure delight to see Genelia Dsouza on big screen. Her short appearance is indeed special.

The good thing about Force 2 is that the songs are not forcefully added in the film.  Lack of songs does not affect the film at all. Background score of the film is very ordinary. Editing of the film is very simple. Straight forward narrative, and no unnecessary drama. Weak story of the film somewhere affects the edit of the film.

Overall Force 2 lacks substance. Disappointing because its directed by Abhinay Deo, after Delhi Belly and 24 one expects much better film from him. Not recommended.

Rating: 2.5/5


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