Rock On 2 is a perfect example of a film that just struggles throughout to keep you entertained or engaged. First half of the film is decently entertaining as it starts from where Rock On ended and the story revolves around the band Magik. Second half of the film is pure drag and tests patience. The story looses its track and concentrates on issues of Meghalaya which is of least importance to the film. The film could have easily avoided that track and made the film a bit shorter. Overall writing  of Rock On 2 lacks the spark of the prequel. Sad part about the writing is that the writers are the same still fail to create that much required magic.

Unfortunately it’s not only the story and screenplay of the film that is problematic but the additional characters in the film are badly written. Shashank Arora’s presence in the film is beyond anyone’s understanding as he was hardly given any importance in the film. He disappears in the second half and then comes back just to remind us that he is a part of the film. Shraddha Kapoor’s characters lacks depth. The parts of three characters from prequel are also not properly written. They have their backstory which work for them here. Kumud Mishra is wasted in the film. Performance wise neither of the actor’s performance shine or came out to be the strongest from the rest.

It breaks my heart to say that compositions of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy could not add any value to the film. The music feels and sound dull. Not a single song that will be remembered. It is also unfair to compare the music of this one to its prequel as it is just not up to the mark. Background score of the film goes unnoticed.

After so many not so good things about the film there are few good things in the film. Rock On 2 is shot exceptionally well. Especially the portions shot in Meghalaya. The frames look like portraits. Even though the film is least interesting most of the times Shujaat Saudagar manages you to keep the audience into the film and sometimes with the characters.

Overall Rock On 2 is half baked story with above average execution. This one can be seen once on TV or home video but surely  not worth watching it on big screen.

Rating: 2.5/5


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