Shivaay is disappointing just because the film had created lots of expectations from its promising trailers, music and dialogue promos. The film was worth looking forward to but sadly it turns out to be a disappointment.

Shivaay is a simple story about a father-daughter relationship. The story is emotional and the film may look emotional but the emotions fail big time to reach you. It is very difficult to connect to the film. The narrative of the film is simple but it is made complex at times by some flashbacks in first half. The film is to the point and there is hardly any not required drama. Still the film seems never ending and towards the last half an hour of the film you have lost all your patience and are just waiting for the film to end.

The film was suppose to be like a visual treat and it is but then the VFX/ CGI plays a spoil sport at times. VFX in the film is not up to the mark. The scenes having VFX in it; one can make out that the location is not real. Action in the film is pretty good. Some of them are over the top but then its okay because if we can approve anything in Hollywood it’s high time we at least appreciate Bollywood’s effort. Action is sort of saving grace of the film. Another saving grace of the film is the background score of the film. It helps you sit through the film.

Ajay Devgn is strictly average as both; actor as well as a director in Shivaay. His performance is very intense and emotional. His direction is very ordinary. Other performances in the film are just good, nothing great about them. Music of the film is very good, but since the film has not turned out to be as expected it takes a back seat. You do enjoy the song while watching the film but they do not have that required impact. Editing of the film could have been much better. Film is shot well, looks beautiful.

Overall Shivaay isn’t a bad film as such. It can be watched once for a decent entertainment. Just drop down all your expectations and watch it once.

Rating: 2.5/5


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