Ghantaa is a Marathi version of 2011’s Bollywood cult comedy Delhi Belly. Quite sometime into the film and you know it’s Delhi Belly. Obviously considering its a Marathi film and there will be various constraints Ghantaa just don’t look and feel like Delhi Belly. As per the story, characters and almost the entire screenplay is based on Delhi Belly. Few things are different like here the diamonds are in a watch, there is a politician involved, etc but that does not match up to Delhi Belly. There is love angle of one the protagonist but there isn’t stomach upset. The film is genuinely funny at few places rest of the humour in the film seems forced. Film is predictable. First half of the film goes in establishing/ introducing only the characters as there are many of them. Good thing is that with so many actors in the film, it is not confusing at all. It’s little before the interval that film looks interesting. Post interval it’s cat and mouse race being way to predictable making you restless. Like any other film with so many characters they all meet at one place in climax and the good guys in the film i.e the protagonists escape safely.

Saksham Kulkarni, Amey Wagh and Aroh Velankar have done a decent job but none shine in their performances. In fact their characters are very well introduced in the beginning of the film but then nothing more happen to them. They are still struggling at the end of the film. Apart from them there a dozen more characters in the film. Kishor Kadam, Pushkar Shrotri, Shivani Surve, Anuja Sathe, Viju Khote, Murli Sharma to name a few do justice to their parts but none of their parts are prominent enough or worth remembering. Shailesh Kale’s direction is strictly average. His work does not look promising at all. Music of the film was pretty interesting. The songs sounded quite unique. Editing was quite decent. The story is taken forward with bit of CG and it’s quite interesting. Good because it saves time and you don’t reach boredom.

Overall Ghantaa fails to become a good entertainer. Hard to recommend this one.

Rating: 1.5/5


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