Mirzya is a beautiful combination of stunning visuals and superlative performances. Film is interesting but slow. It portrays two different eras but is biased towards modern era as the olden era is not seen much. It has a good and heart touching story but the narrative is not something that everyone could understand. Songs are outstanding and they are beautifully blended in the film. Film has some high voltage drama but at times fails to create the required impact.

Rakeysh Mehra had a beautiful vision to tell this tragic love story. Unfortunately his vision may not appeal to everyone. One needs to take slightly extra efforts to be in the film with the characters and appreciate Mehra’s efforts. I personally liked Mehra’s unique way of film making. I was stunned by every single shot in the film. Be it long shots or close ups or those moving shots. Every shot in the film looked like a portrait especially the ones in the olden era.

Harshvardhan Kapoor is surely the star of tomorrow. His performance is top notch and his hard work to get his character right is clearly visible on screen. Saiyami Kher is equally good but some of her scenes required her to be better to match up with Harshvardhan or any of her other costars. Apart of them rest of the supporting cast has limited role but all of them have performed very well. Shankar Ehsaan Loy composed some beautiful compositions making Mirzya a special film. Music of the film is the soul of the film. Gulzaar has penned some beautiful lyrics. The lyrics in the film need special mention. Every single song explains the situation taking the film forward. Background score of the film is quite good. Cinematography of the film is breathtaking. Editing is close to perfect. Film is hundred and thirty minutes. Slow at times but not unbearable.

Overall Mirzya will surely not appeal to everyone. The film is a visual treat but lacks the much required entertainment. Years later or even now Mirzya can serve as a brilliant guide to filmmaking.

Rating: 2.5/5


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