Tripling is a simple story of three siblings on a road trip and their experience during that road trip. No doubt their experience is filled with fun, laughter, craziness and most importantly memorable moments. Tripling is the series that takes you on a nostalgic trip. By the end of the series you will surely feel like hugging your siblings and parents. Small takeaways in the series that make you feel nice about yourself, gives some feel good tips that makes you live your life in a better way.

Tripling works for almost everything; be it performances, writing, music, cinematography, everything in the series is just perfect. Talking about the performances Sumeet Vyas has nailed it. It is hard to believe that Sumeet Vyas can play serious roles. He was great in Parched as a serious rural man but in Tripling he is like the hero, shining star of the series. Its so good to see him in this role. Maanvi Gagroo is simply good, nothing exceptional about her performance. Amol Parashar has played his part really well but his character is a bit immature and unbelievable. At times his character is over the top and that is also genuinely performed by Amol. It’s a delight to see Kunal Roy Kapoor in the small role. We have seen him like this in his films but here its just a treat to watch him. Kumud Mishra and Shernaz Patel are the surprise package of the performances in the series. They are so young and full of life. In fact the best takeaways in the series are from them. They played their parts so well that you feel like having parents just like them.

Coming to other things in the series; music is surprising. There are songs in every genre and different languages. There is something or the other for everyone in music. Series has been beautifully shot. Some of the visuals are breath taking, Rajasthan and Manali are beautifully portrayed. Akarsh Khurana’s and Sumeet Vyas’ writing is simple and can be related to very easily. They do take little liberties in writing considering its not a real world. Some very beautiful moments in the series. The one where all the siblings are speaking their heart out and the hug after that will make you feel blessed to have siblings (if you have them). That war of words after the car is stolen, that happy climax scene where everything is just perfect make you feels just good. The series has been directed very well.

Overall Tripling makes for a great watch. Its cumulatively little more than two hours. It is as good as any good Hindi film. It is fun filled and has almost everything that entertains a person. This one is highly recommended.

Rating: 4/5


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