Neeraj Pandey is known for making edge of the seat thrillers and he gave us some of the best thrillers in Hindi cinema with Special 26 and Baby. Making a biopic is not a cakewalk but what’s most important is who the biopic is made on, with whom and who is making it. With M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story all the who’s are very promising; Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput and Neeraj Pandey, but the film is promising majorly and not completely.

M. S. Dhoni starts off with 2011 world cup and then goes into flashback. Then story goes off chronologically from Dhoni’s birth till the 2011 world cup. Neeraj Pandey has worked very hard to make this film like his previous ones. The way Neeraj has executed the story is commendable but not exceptional. It surely makes a good read but not a great watch. There is no doubt that Dhoni’s story is inspiring but the inspirational quotient in the film lacks somewhere. Scenes lack intensity, every scene which looked promising in the trailer vanish within a blink like the one where Dhoni tells how he is being ill treated at the selection. Due to this, the film also struggles to strongly connect with the audience. The climax shot which is India winning the 2011 world cup gets claps and whistles but didn’t we just do that in 2011 when we saw the match live ourselves. Coming to cricket in the film the matches footage shown in the film are already seen by us so why pay so much to watch it on big screen. Film is not that gripping enough, you want to know what happens next but are not too excited for the same. There is nothing in the film worth looking forward to. The so called untold story lacks the surprising or shocking element in it. Its difficult to believe that Dhoni had a life without any controversy. A film about a cricketer but what is really good to see in the film is the romantic track. Both the love stories are heart touching with great emotional connect.

Dhoni’s this untold story definitely does not leave you totally disappointed. Sushant Singh Rajput’s hard work and dedication paid off in making the film worth watching but definitely not till winning awards. His act of a teenager is superb but VFX spoils the fun. Sushant convincingly portrays Dhoni. The people in the supporting cast who shine out are Kumud Mishra, Rajesh Sharma and like always Anupam Kher. Its just good to see Bhoomika Chawla on big screen after such a long time. Her performance does not leave an impact. Sushant’s love interests played by Disha Patani and Kiara Advani are genuine. They support him well making the scenes the best ones in the film. Other characters like Dhoni’s friends, Rajesh Sharma’s wife, Dhoni’s mother are amazing. Harry Tangri who plays younger Yuvraaj looks very much like the real Yuvraaj but he hardly has anything to do in the film.

Music by Amaal Malik is surprisingly one of the highlight of the film. Biopic’s hardly find place for good music. Every single composition is mesmerizing except Padoghe Likhoge. All the three romantic numbers will make you fall in love with those numbers. In fact in first half when there is no song for the longest time you crave for a song. This album surely deserves a place in your collection. Backgroung score of the film is not as good as it’s music. It keeps on fluctuating throughout the film spoiling the film to an extent. Would have been better if the screenplay by Neeraj Pandey and Dilip Jha would have been much tighter. Film is shot at locations giving the film a perfect look, from small towns of Jharkhand to five star hotels of metros. CGI of the film is very average. It’s clearly visible that there is CGI done in the scene. Editing of the film is just up to the mark. The pace of the first half could have been faster. The ever lasting run time of 190 minutes does not bother you much but the film could have been slightly shorter.

Overall M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story is surely worth a watch but with no expectations. You saw Neeraj Pandey’s previous film by sitting on the edge of the seat. This one is to be enjoyed laid back in recliners with your favorite combo. Recommended!!!

Rating : 3/5


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