Parched is that film which survives solely on its performances. When you have powerhouse of talent like Radhika Apte, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Surveen Chawla everything else takes a backseat. Writer- Director; Leena Yadav sensed the strength in her actors and made Parched. The story lacks depth; quite a few tracks going on simultaneously leaving some mid way. Too much thinking required while watching the film. Most of the scenes have backstory to it which one needs to assume from the dialogues. Best part of Parched has to be the control of Leena Yadav on the entire film. She makes sure that the audience isn’t bored for a single moment.

Mukesh Chhabra can be called a true hero of Parched. The casting of the film is phenomenal. Tannishtha Chatterjee as a widow is class apart. Her character has various shades, mature most of the times but fun-loving and carefree when required. Radhika Apte just makes her act better with every film. Parched is same, she is superb in the film. Surveen Chawla surprises you with her strong performance. She is a delight to watch in those emotional scenes. Sumeet Vyas is a true revelation. Its hard to believe that he can pull off a serious character so well. Other actors like Sayani Gupta, Adil Hussain are perfect in their parts. Performances in Parched makes the film worth a watch.

Leena Yadav succeeds in showing us the disturbing state of women. She brilliantly brings out the best from her actors. By this the loopholes in her direction are hidden. Cinematography of Parched is visually beautiful. Set in a fictitious village the film looks very real. Editing struggles to be up to the mark but is definitely not bad at all. Music of the film being so good comes out as a surprise. Films like Parched hardly has any importance for songs in the film. Hitesh Sonik has done a beautiful job. Most of the songs are slow and describe the situation but the dance numbers are thoroughly enjoyable as well.

Overall Parched seems lost and unclear in itself. No doubt it leaves you satisfied as far as getting entertained is concerned. Parched was surely was not as good as expected but it was definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 3/5


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