Thodari is a love story with a panicky situation revolving around it. Since love stories lack innovation Prabu Solomon wrote a love story in a train. Thodari is a story of two days that means every single actor in the film wears the same costume, locations are limited and there is hardly anything in the film apart form train. Sounds highly boring but Prabu Solomon has somehow manages to make the film entertaining.

Thodari starts on an ordinary note but then first half of the film hardly has any substance. Train in the film being on track, don’t know why the love story of Dhanush and Keerthy takes entire first half to come on track. Most of the first half goes in establishing the romance between the two. There is enough humor in the first half to keep the audience engaged. Its only during interval other cards open up and film goes into various sub plots. Those few minutes before interval are the hint for the joyride that awaits in the second half. Second half is more gripping and you hardly realize how time flies. You are more into the story, connected to characters and simply curious just because there are too many things happening in it.

Don’t know why but for a change Dhanush felt slightly less impressive compared to all his other work. His performance was genuine but still you feel something is missing in him. Maybe poor story line did not give him much scope to perform like always. His chemistry with Keerthy is great though. He being on top of the train when its speed is more than hundred kilometers per hour, safely managing to kick the ass of bad guys is questionable. Keerthy Suresh is quite impressive. She is superb in second half. The remaining supporting cast from Dhanush’s colleagues to people in train to politicians to people on TV to reporters to police officers; everyone just fits the bill. Prabu Solomon is just good as far as direction of the film is concerned. VFX of the film is way below average and you could make it that its all computer graphics. Editing of the film could have been better in the first half. Cinematography has hardly any scope as most of the film is shot within the train. Music of the film is quite good. Especially the first song in the film the romantic number on the train is very well sung and composed.

Overall Thodari is a decent watch. It has its share of flaws but it is not totally avoidable. You do feel satisfied by the end of the film. Dhanush, Keerthy’s performance and Prabu’s execution makes Thodari a watchable fare.

Rating: 2.5/5


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