The first question that came to my mind after watching Raaz Reboot was that, how come Vikram Bhatt is not bored of writing and directing the same thing. While watching Raaz Reboot the only film that I could recall was 1920 London which was written by Vikram Bhatt. There is hardly any difference in the story and screenplay of these two films. It won’t be wrong to say that both of them are identical. A married couple shifts to a new house, the house is haunted, leading lady is possessed by evil spirit who turns out to be her ex-love and at the end the couple lives happily ever after obviously with the help of tantrik and mantras. Mr. Bhatt if you wish to make or write a film next time please think of something else.

Raaz Reboot do starts with a hope of getting to see something good or at least something that will do justice to Raaz which came more than a decade ago. But as the story gradually moves on you enter boredom. Film becomes predictable and the worse part is that the screenplay makes it so. Lead actor Gaurav Arora and debutante Kriti Kharbanda are highly unimpressive. After poor debut in Love Games, Gaurav Arora doesn’t seem to have the required potential. Kriti Kharbanda can fit in daily soaps but not in films. Her act is simply way below the mark.

Few things in Raaz Reboot which could have worked in its favour but unfortunately didn’t. Locations were pretty but the DoP fails to capture them in the right way, making it look unreal. VFX could have been made better looking but they are all same with black smoke all around, lady climbing walls, walking upside down. All of this is seen in Vikram Bhatt’s previous movies only. Background score fails to keep you engaged throughout.

Saving grace which also could not save the film is Emraan Hashmi and compositions of Jeet Ganguli with Siddharth and Sangeet Haldipur. Emraan Hashmi’s presence in the film makes it bearable but only the scenes consisting him. His ghost avatar is something never seen before. Songs are melodious and romantic music lovers will rejoice them. That’s all about the good things in Raaz Reboot. Unfortunately they hardly matter as the film itself is just to bad for these good things.

Overall Raaz Reboot can be easily skipped. It’s barely scary and way beyond entertaining. Not at all recommend.

Rating: 1/5


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