Pink is powerful. Pink is perfect. Pink is pure.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury directed Pink is that film which needs to be seen by every human being in India. Pink perfectly portrays the contemporary scenario is an honest and hard hitting way. No other way this film could have been made. Pink is not the so called women centric film. Pink is for those who judge a person by their smoking and drinking habits. Pink is for those who question the character of a women by her dressing sense. Pink is for those orthodox people who think a women going to a family gathering is decent but a girl going to pub is that of questionable character. Pink is for those narrow-minded people who don’t know what’s gender equality. Pink is the picture perfect reflection of the society we live in.

Pink starts abruptly but that does not bother you much. From the word go the film is to the point without going off track even for a single second. Throughout the film there are hundreds of questions going around in your mind and those are answered as the film progresses. First half of Pink is like a practice session, pace is mediocre to slow and not much happens in it. Second half of Pink is a great ride. The courtroom scenes here are the highlight of the film. Film moves at rocket speed without confusing you. After all, the powerful message of the film lies in the second half. The message is given out in the best possible way. Pink stunningly tells us that no means NO, then is doesn’t matter where that no comes from. Who better than Mr. Bachchan to deliver this brilliant message.

The entire star cast of Pink is nothing less than brilliant. To be precise all of them have given a nuanced performance. From their accent to dialogue delivery everything is just amazing. Taapsee Pannu is simply outstanding. Her two scenes in the court where she is cross questioned is something to look out for. Kirti Kulhari gives a matured performance. Her breakdown scene in court will make you fell bad for the and aftermath of that scene will leave you teary eyed. Andrea Tariang has very little to do in the film. Angad Bedi speaks well with his silence. He just shines out in the courtroom scene  that too in front of Mr. Bachchan. Rest of the cast i.e Piyush Mishra, Dhritiman Chatterjee etc play their parts well. The man who killed everyone with his performance is the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. Subtle in every scene yet strong and powerful. Gives out the best of his lines very easily. It’s hard to believe at seventy-four he delivers such a power-packed performance. Performances are the highlight of Pink but in performances Amitabh Bachchan is the highlight.

The treatment of the film is very realistic and that makes the film even more better. Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s direction is excellent. The most important part of the film comes during the end credit, innovation par excellence. Cinematography is good, editing and background score is perfect. Music does not play an important part in this film but the few songs that play in the background superbly describes the situation.

Overall Pink is a must watch. Highly recommended.



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