Iru Mugan is all the way a one man’s show. No points for guessing that it’s the multi talented Chiyaan Vikram. The whole and sole reason to watch Iru Mugan is only Vikram.

Iru Mugan has a very ordinary storyline as any other A-list starrer Tamil film. Film stars off on a slow note and continues to be so till the interval. It’s Vikram’s performance that keeps you glued. The best part of Vikram’s act start from interval and then there is no stopping. His act as LOVE is way beyond brilliant. He takes that character to an altogether different level. Anand Shankar successfully keeps his audience glued to their seats till the end and that’s where Iru Mugan succeeds as an entertaining film. This one is definitely worth your money.

Nithya Menon and Nayantara play their parts well. Harris Jayraj music supports the film well. Like any other Tamil films there are forced songs filmed on sets and exotic locations. There is revenge, action, humor and an engrossing background score that makes the film thoroughly enjoyable.

Overall Iru Mugan is a Vikram film and needs to be seen for his performance. Recommended.

Rating: 3/5


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