Freaky Ali is a feel good and heart warming film. Film has it’s share of good moments and is enjoyable most of the time. At one certain point the film takes an unusual turn spoiling all the fun. Simple story topped by brilliant Nawazuddin Siddhiqui’s performance makes Freaky Ali watchable.

Freaky Ali starts off well with Nawazuddin selling undergarments. He is at his funniest best in the film. It’s a treat to see Nawazuddin in this kind of a role. He carries the entire film on his strong shoulders. Rest of the cast goes simply unnoticed. Seema Biswas is underutilised. Niketan Deer and Amy Jackson tries very hard to act convincingly. Jas Arora and Arbaaz Khan’s presence is not felt at all. Asif Basra supports well. The humor in the film makes Freaky Ali an entertaining fare. It is very situational and forced at times but you end up laughing on the silliest of the jokes just because it has Nawazuddin in it. Another best part about the film is its editing. Most of the time film does not have any unnecessary drama. Screenplay is decently written. Music of the film suits it but as an album it’s not happening. Film is predictable but that does not spoil the fun nor do you realise it.

The only problem in Freaky Ali is that disappointing turn of events in second half. Jackie Shroff’s presence was not at all required. The conflict in the script is very weak. That spoils the second half and for sometime you are highly disinterested.

Overall Freaky Ali is a good fun film. It’s all about Nawazuddin. Can be watched once for a decent entertainment.

Rating: 2.5/5


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