Ruchika Oberoi’s Island City is made for selective audience. It does not have the typical song and dance nor does it have high voltage drama or action. Island City is a sweet and feel good film that will leave you happy and smiling by the end of it. If you like quality cinema and something different from the crowd; Island City is for you. It is sober, not too many ups and downs in the film. Even the turns and twists in the film are executed with ease without creating much noise in the film.

Island City starts with “Fun Committee” starring Vinay Pathak. The story is a great example of limitless imagination. The thought behind this story is something a frustrated corporate employee would want to happen with him/her; it is difficult but not impossible. The turn of events in this story are predictable but climax shakes you. “Ghost In The Machine” starring Amruta Subhash is just like Madhavan’s 13B. Ruchika tries to make this different by executing it in a slice of life way. The story may not be novel but the detailed execution of Ruchika shows the real world of middle class families in a city. It could not get better than this. “Contact” starring Tannishtha Chatterjee again reminds of the lovely; The Lunchbox. Once you are fully convinced that the story is going Lunchbox way Ruchika throws a googly with an unexpected twist which gives you an altogether different high. Best part about all these three stories is that they are interconnected to each other and that is revealed only when the film moves from one story to another. Also the climax of the film unties all the knots created throughout the film. The stories are not blended but each story gets its own time and space and that makes Island City a beautiful watch.

Vinay Pathak is convincing in any role. His act of a frustrated corporate employee is perfect. Here his humour is missing as the story does not allow him to act funny. Nonetheless he wins your heart. It seemd like a cakewalk for Amruta Subhash. Like Ruchika’s execution of her story no one else apart from her could have been suitable for Sarita’s character. She has nailed it like her every film. Tannishtha Chatterjee speaks through her silence in the film. She hardly has any dialogues in the film but her powerful act makes up for her missing words. Chandan Roy Sanyal has supported her well.

Ruchika Oberoi’s direction is the soul of Island City. The film is flat paced but it does not bore you even for a second. She has managed to tell you the simplest of the stories in the best possible way. Every story seems real and convincing as per it’s look and feel. Cinematography is perfect and so is the editing. You do not realise the absence of songs in the film. Background score is very subtle creating a beautiful atmosphere for this simple film.

Overall Island City is a film with a heart. Sweet, simple and genuine. If you like to see good cinema, light entertainer, something different then Island City is for you. I recommend this one.

Rating: 3/5


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