To be precise Kanha is a typical Avadhoot Gupte film. In fact this one is very similar to Morya and it is quite obvious that not much effort has been taken to make this one differently. Same two rival gangs, one mission, become friends by end of it, with the backdrop of a festival and politics involved in it.

Kanha is not that bad and all thanks to Avadhoot Gupte for that. He has made Kanha pretty much enjoyable for the audience even though everything in it looks like it has been seen before right from the treatment to the entire look and feel of the film. It is just Vaibbhav Tatwawadi’s performance that makes Kanha watchable fare. Vaibbhav is getting better with his every film. His performance is top notch in this one.

Story and screenplay of Kanha is quite weak. Film is predictable right from the first scene. Avadhoot Gupte has decently manage to make the film interesting but fails to succeeded completely. In fact majority of the screenplay seems to be blindly copied from Morya but that one was very well written. Gashmeer Mahajani hardly had anything to do in the film. He did not even look like the second lead of the film as shown in the posters of the film. The only person from the cast who stood out apart from Vaibbhav is Kiran Karmarkar. It’s a pure delight to see him on screen even though for a limited time. Avadhoot Gupte’s compositions were average and made interesting by the vocals of it. Film seems interesting in bits and pieces and they seem to be very few. Remaining technical aspects of the film are simply avoidable.

Overall Kanha is not a movie for which some efforts need to be taken. Watch it, don’t watch it; one and the same thing.

Rating: 2/5


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