Happy Bhag Jayegi is about Happy (Diana Penty) who is always happy and makes everyone else as well happy. I found her character to be very interesting, full of life and was completely impressed by the character as well as Diana Penty who played it. If you have seen the trailer of Happy Bhag Jayegi, you reactions to the trailer will be the same for the film as well. That says it all.

Happy Bhag Jayegi is story of Happy who plans to run on her wedding day with her boyfriend as she do not wish to marry the guy whom her father has chosen. The plan fails and Happy lands up in Pakistan. The incidents followed after that till Happy reaches India is what Happy Bhag Jayegi all about. The story is very simple without too many complexities in it. The narrative is straight forward without making you think a lot.

Diana Penty as Happy is the surprise element in Happy Bhag Jayegi. Everyone, including me lost hopes from her after seeing her in Cocktail in 2012. She has got her act perfectly right in this one. He character may not be robust but Diana has performed genuinely and that makes you like her character. Jimmy Shergil another actor who puts his heart and soul in every character he plays. This one was no different for Jimmy. The only monotony in Jimmy’s character is that he never manages to get the girl. Ali Fazal does not have that much of a prominent role being Happy’s lover, he still manages to makes his presence felt in the film. Abhay Deol’s act is very dicey, in some scenes he looks like he does not know acting at all while in others he is just decent. Looks like staying away from movies for long time made him forget his acting lessons. Moomal Sheikh is nice, Piyush Mishra is excellent while Kanwaljeet Singh and Jawed Sheikh are ordinary. Performance wise Diany Penty and Jimmy Shergil steal the show.

Mudassar Aziz has just got better compared to his last directorial venture i.e Dulha Mil Gaya. His direction was very simple and ordinary. Screenplay of the film was up to the mark, few places in second half you tend to loose interest in the film. Since the film does not have much to offer story wise, the pace of the film is mediocre to slow. Sohail Sen have composed some melodious unes in the past. He seem to lack that magic in his compositions with Happy Bhag Jayegi.

Overall Happy Bhag Jayegi has turned out to be a decent time-pass entertainer. This one is like a nobrainer in real sense.

Rating: 2.5/5


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