YZ; the title sounds very amusing to me. I had no idea what YZ means nor did the film help me in telling what exactly is YZ. As per the film its just an attitude. Coming to the film, when you have a great combo like Kshitij Patwardhan and Sameer Vidwans you are sure about the product being the best. In YZ its a little different; the film is written exceptionally well, but films are meant to be enjoyed and not just see the writing. YZ fails to become even a decent entertainer.

Kshitij Patwardhan has flawlessly written YZ. His characters are real and believable, narrative is to the point and one can easily relate to the situations in it. Film has a great message to give by the end of it. When major aspects of the film work in favor of it, its takes effort to say that the film is simply not watchable. The only problem with YZ is that it was just not meant to be a film. As a book this one could have been a great choice.

Sagar Deshmukh; the protagonist of the film is perfectly casted. One cannot think of anyone else in that role. His character transformation is brilliantly performed by him and looks convincing too. Akshay Tanksale is a relif in the film. His presence on screen is like a good breeze in bad humidity. Prana Pethe does justice to her role and makes her act noted by her genuine performance. Sai Tamhankar is delight to watch in this particular role, truly proves her versatility. Mukta Barve’s special appearance is delightful. Performance wise the film deserves a thumbs up. Music of the film is plain avoidable. Lyrics might go with the flow and situations in the film but the compositions are just not bearable. YZ compositions appeal only to the retired generation. Not even a single song worth being on your playlist.

Sameer Vidwans impressed everyone with simplistic Double Seat last year; YZ comes no where close to it. Editing of the film is very uneven; some scenes are unnecessarily long leaving you disinterested in the film. Cinematography is note worthy. YZ has some outrageously hilarious scenes where you could not control yourself from laughing out hard.

YZ may have its share of positives but the major drawback of it it that it just not entertaining enough. With great writing and superb performances, YZ remains to be nothing but just a great study material for a film making student. Rating is solely for the nice things in the film.

Rating: 2/5


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