Rustom made me have some huge expectations from its promising trailer. With all my expectations set I started watching the film. In very first few minutes of the film I started thinking that the film won’t be as good as expected. By the end of the film I was proven partially right.

Since its Akshay Kumar and Rustom his character required some special explainable entry sequence, the sequence was disturbing my eyes because of its poor VFX. First half an hour of the film is just an expansion of the trailer failing to create that much required curiosity to keep you engaged throughout. In midst of all this you loose interest from the film yet you be patient with the hope of something good will rescue you from this ordinary husband-wife suspiciousĀ drama. Something better does happen in the film but it does not create that fireworks which will make you finally feel good about the film. In fact at many places the film looks much similar to any crime TV series. Rustom do have some great moments in it but the sad part about them is that they appear in bits and pieces which isn’t satisfying enough.

Direction of Tinu Suresh Desai is just ordinary. That is what stops Rustom from being a thrilling watch. Film being a romantic thriller lacks that suspense element. There is suspense but sadly you are not waiting for the same. Writing of Rustom is weak. Editing is way below the mark and the pace of the film is highly uneven. Some scenes are too long for no reason.

Coming to good things in Rustom that makes the film watchable. Technically the film hardly leaves any scope to question. Production design, costumes, lighting is flawless. From production design point Rustom wasn’t difficult but it makes an impact. Costumes in the film are so well researched, it just grabs your attention. Every single actor in the film looks stunning. Lighting in every scene is simply brilliant. At times you feel like you are watching a 60’s film. Akshay Kumar is simply good in and as Rustom. He may not have given his careers best performance in this one but surely there are scenes in which he just stands out from the rest. He is outstanding in the scene when he meets Ileana for the first time in jail. Ileana D’Cruz is just simple. She has limited things to do in the film and she does it with complete justice. Esha Gupta looks slightly promising because of her character which she performed with perfection. Arjan Bajwa was good too. The other cast members who shined were Kumud Mishra and Usha Nadkarni. Rustom has a pretty good album with some great romantic numbers but only four songs in the film. None of the songs look forced.

Overall Rustom may not have lived up to the expectations but it can be surely watched once for those good bits and pieces in the film.

Rating: 3/5


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