Dishoom is one of those film whose only intention is to entertain. Dishoom succeeds partially in entertaining you leaving you satisfied at the end of it. Film starts on a very slow note leading towards boredom but magically you are zoned out of boredom and you start enjoying the film slightly before the interval. After that particular point there is no looking back.

Dishoom might be entertaining but it has its share of weakness. Non-actors acting in the film, ordinary director directing the film, writing is simple and many more. It will be a surprise of the millennium when John Abraham will impress his fans by his acing skills. Throughout the film he carries one single expression and delivers his dialogues in one tone. Varun Dhawan has exceptional energy but at times his energy levels crosses the limit spoiling the scene. In Dishoom, that’s exactly what has happened with Varun Dhawan. Jacqueline Fernandes had a limited role and of no importance. We see Akshaye Khanna after half a decade on big screen, unfortunately he is seen only in the second half and sadly he is not even noticeable in the film. The surprise package of the film is Akshay Kumar. His two scene cameo is the highlight of the film, if nothing else the audience will surely enjoy his three minutes presence in the film. Nargis Fakhri’s presence is totally avoidable. Saquib Saleem is decent.

Rohit Dhawan’s direction is very ordinary. Dishoom is more about action and chase sequences so the direction credit should be shared by action director and film director equally. Music of the film may seem a bit offbeat in the film but the compositions are worth hearing. Editing of the film was very basic to be precise. Film seemed humorous from it’s trailer but there were not even countable humorous scenes in the film.

Overall Dishoom is for John Abraham and Varun Dhawan fans. People who somehow end up watching Dishoom will enjoy only Akshay Kumar’s cameo. Film is entertaining in bits and parts and also leaves you satisfied towards the end so if you free over the weekend you can watch Dishoom.

Rating: 2.5/5


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