Sultan is a Salman Khan film but this time there is lots more in his film apart from just him. While watching the film, Sultan surprises you on various occasions. Salman Khan do have a grand entry in the film but for a change no party song. Sultan has a very nice rather a different and a heart touching story. Sultan is high on emotions, so high that it melts our heart at many places especially just before the interval. Sultan is superb on performances. Sultan is decent in music. Sultan being so long is impressive in editing. Sultan is real in locations. Above all Sultan is high on entertainment and this time quality entertainment.

Salman Khan is simply adorable in Sultan. His character is very well written, be it his scenes, his look or his entire character graph. Its nothing but interesting to see Salman Khan in this avatar. Anushka Sharma being a Salman Khan heroine makes her act prominent and noticeable. She is strong beautiful and lives life on her own terms. She makes some huge sacrifices but has a golden heart for forgiveness as well. The stand she takes for herself in difficult situations is a brilliant takeaway from the film. Amit Sadh is simply impressive in his limited act. The remaining supporting cast just fitted the bill.

Ali Abbas Zaffar makes sure that he delivers a solid entertainer, and he falls short of nothing in Sultan. Film is engaging, performances make it even more interesting. Ali makes sure that every scene is filled with pure entertainment. Sultan’s narrative is gripping and the pace of the film is pitch perfect. Not a single dull moment in the film. Vishal Shekhar has composed some very good songs for Sultan. The lip sync songs and background songs are well placed, not making the film look like a music video. Sultan looks real and rustic because of its locations and cinematography.

Overall Sultan is thoroughly enjoyable and not to be missed. If you have been skipping past films of Salman Khan movies just because he is in it, Sultan will surely change your views.

Rating: 4/5


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