Biopics are always fun to watch and if its someone like Bhagwan dada then the curiosity is even more to know about him, especially for the current generation. Ekk Albela is perfect film that could have been made on the legend Bhagwan dada.

Ekk Albela is about Bhagwan dada; how he entered Bollywood as an actor in silent film to films with sound to an director to an producer. His journey is beautifully narrated in the film. The only letdown of Ekk Albela was why halt at Albela. The treatment of the film is very simple and positive because the film is flat paced with very little surprise element. What happend to Bhagwan dada after Albela will always remain a question mark.

Ekk Albela excels in lots of departments. First and foremost research and production design. The film literally takes you that era with the set designs, costumes and even the color palette of the film. Every minute detail in the film is pitch perfect. Be it the shooting style in those days or preview theatre or cinema halls or way film were shot. Its all plain fascinating. All these things make Ekk Albela an enjoyable experience.

Mangesh Desai is superb as Bhagwan dada but the surprising package is Vidya Balan in a brief role. She is a powerhouse of talent but this role of an innocent actress has been performed with great excellence. She has added her own charm and charisma and made this role a delightful watch. She comes up as great surprise. Remaining supporting actors are perfectly casted. Shekhar Sartandel has done justice to the direction required for such film. Music is a plus point especially the recreated versions of “Shola Jo Bhadke” and “Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote” are great nostalgia.

Overall, Ekk Albela deserves to be seen just to know Bhagwan dada irrespective of how well know about him

Rating: 3.5/5


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