Like biographies, suspense thriller finds their easy way out to the audiences heart just because of the genre they belong to. But some are executed in same ordinary way whereas some are simply out of this world. Te3n may not belong to out of the world category but it’s definitely miles ahead of the ordinary.

You cannot afford to miss even a second of Te3n. It starts from the word go. Pace of the film is slightly slow but Ribhu Dasgupta keeps you engaged even in the slowest/longest scene. The suspense in Te3n doesn’t disappoint you even for a bit. The screenplay does not let you predict the turn of events and that’s where the director makes the movie enjoyable. Ribhu just keeps his audience engaged in that very moment of the film.

Four years back Kahaani redefined the suspense thriller genre and became an unbeatable film in that genre. Te3n definitely does not match Kahaani but it definitely reminds you of it. Locations, narrative, editing, suspense elements in Te3n all of it remind you of Kahaani.

Te3n needs to be watched for many reasons. First and foremost the simple gripping story. Two same stories beautifully blended without any confusion. Performances are top notch. Even at this age Amitabh Bachchan makes you want to see more of him on big screen. He is flawless and has nailed it in Te3n. Beautifully written character performed more beautifully by Mr. Bachchan. Nawazuddin Siddhiqui can even act silently. He may seem a bit faded in front of Mr. Bachchan but definitely creates a lasting impression. Vidya Balan even though in special appearance has ample amount of screen time and she has dome complete justice to her character. Her cop act in this one is simply amazing. All the supporting actors have perfectly fitted the part in their limited screen presence.

Te3n is definitely worth your time and money. Something new and to watch out for in this particular genre. Highly recommended. The only unanswered question after this film is why the title Te3n.

Rating: 3.5/5


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