It’s not rocket science that now a days movie franchises are nothing but just business deals. Housefull 3 is not an exception. The franchise started six years back with a decent entertainer followed by a bad sequel and the third instalment is nowhere close to both of them.

Just to give you all little background, director duo of this film Sajid-Farhad have previously made It’s Entertainment. Housefull 3 looks like an extension of that as far as humour in the film is concerned. I bet, you haven’t heard more lame jokes than those in Housefull 3. Every dialogue by the actresses which is literal Hindi-English translation is irritating. There is no point in discussing the story of the film as it will make everyone go to sleep. The trailer of the film has made it very predictable. Second half has some unnecessary scenes just making the film drag for no reason.

Housefull 3 has very few favourable things but those comes with terms and conditions. Film as a whole can be enjoyed provided you are in such great mood that you can watch any crap. Film has two three funny scenes in the second half which genuinely make you laugh. The dinner table sequence and the swimming pool sequence do tickle your funny bone. Even if the jokes are lame every actor have performed them with honesty with intention to make you laugh, which happens barely. If you happen to watch the film in a single screen with the masses there are changes you may enjoy this one because the crowd there will cheer during heroine’s entry, senseless songs and more importantly on stupid humour; and that will definitely entertain you up to some extent. Die hard fans of the entire star cast can happily go just to see how good their favorite starts look on screen.

Housefull 3 is not a film where performances, story, direction, music, editing etc can be discussed. This one is not recommended even for a satellite premiere viewing.

Rating: 1/5


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