Selfie is that play which makes you realize what world we are living in. A play about five lives that shows us the reflection of the society we live in from a woman perspective. Shilpa Navalkar’s brilliant writing and Ajit Bhure’s direction makes selfie a must must watch.

Selfie is set in ladies waiting room of a railway station. It starts with discussing current affairs to sharing personal problems with strangers. In this journey of five women chatting; waiting for their train Shilpa Navalkar brings out an eye opener play. Right from discussing opinion on marriage, having kids, extra marital affair, personal problems of celebrity to a helpless wife whose family no more needs her. Shilpa Navalkar has written a superb play. It explain both sides of the story be it any issue being discussed in the play. Every single angle with which that particular topic can be looked at is shown in the play. This way the play does not disappoint a single viewer.

Sukanya Kulkarni as the aged woman amongst all; a family women have her own set of opinion which are hard to accept for the other four women. Her performance is outstanding and one of the highlight of Selfie. She makes you think, disagree with her and most importantly laugh. Humor quotient in the play is Sukanya Kulkarni. Rujuta Deshmukh who is sober throughout the play surprises you with her drunk act in the climax. Her bold dialogues in that act makes you applaud for her. Poorva Gokhale and Sonali Pandit are safe players in the play. They have robust scenes to which they perform exceptionally well but their character are somewhere close to ordinary. Shilpa Navalkar is the surprise package of the play as far as her character is concerned. Performance wise Selfie gets a double thumbs up.

Ajit Bhure’s direction is pitch perfect. Shila Navalkar’s story is outstanding. Set design was apt for the play. Selfie starts and end with the mesmerizing song form Dev Anand and Whaeeda Rehman’s “aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai” it gives you an altogether different feel to the play. Background music is perfect and the spotlight scenes in the play just make it more better.

Overall Selfie is a must watch. It needs to be watched for what it wants to say to everyone through this play. Highly recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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