Dear Dad is simple and honest as it could be. Film is very mediocre paced and the entire look and feel of the film is very subtle. No high and lows nor twists and turns in the film. Dear Dad caters to festival audience. It reaches nowhere close to commercial cinema.

Dear Dad is a simple story of a father and son on a road trip where the father wants to share his dark secret with the son. How father manages to do that and it’s consequences ia what Dear Dad all about.

Dear Dad do have things in its favour making it worth watching. Narrative is very simple; in fact at places especially in the first half it struggles to retain your attention but as it progresses Tanuj Bhramar makes Dear Dad a sweet tale.

Arvind Swamy has made his character likeable for the viewers. Those who missed him on screen will be delighted by his comeback. Himanshu Sharma superbly supports Arvind as his son and today’s teenage. Film puts light on some heartfelt issues and those scenes just give you goosebumps if you are emotional at heart. Throughout the film the chemistry between Arvind and Himanshu is something to watch out.

Dear Dad is shot at some beautiful locations. The length of the film is a plus point. It’s just ninety minutes. Music is decent.

Overall Dear Dad may not appeal to everyone but it’s not that bad. Watch it for an sweet honest story eventhough it’s fictional.

Rating: 2.5/5


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