Stories based on real life are a treat to watch on big screen. Azhar starts with a disclaimer saying the film is not a biography but the incidents in the film are inspired by real life events from Azhar’s life. You watch the film, come what may you question the authenticity of the story. Film turns out to be a big time entertainer but just a warning, not to watch Azhar with any false hopes.

Azhar starts off greatly grabbing your attention from the very first scene and maintains it for the longest time. Post that film travels into flashback. It would be inappropriate to say that the flashback was unnecessary but just not properly incorporated and executed. Brilliant interval point and engaging second half makes Azhar a great watch.

Emraan Hashmi undoubtedly is the highlight of the film. His performance is pitch perfect. His efforts taken to bring the real Azhar on screen are clearly visible. Initially you see a lot of Emraan in Azhar but as the movie progresses you are highly impressed by Emraan. Prachi Desai is innocent and sweet as always. Her act is simply noteworthy. Nargis Fakhri is surprisingly different from all her other films. She does not overact nor looks fake or misfit for the part. Kunal Roy Kapoor is exceptional and Lara Dutta is very good. The entire supporting cast is simply superb especially Gautam Gulati who has made a great debut with this limited role.

Dialogues of the film do make the scene unbelievable at times but they are one of the reason that makes Azhar an enjoyable experience. Tony D’Souza has extensively taken cinematic liberties but the screenplay and the background score of the film hide that brilliantly. Music is decent but is not given enough importance which works well for the film making it interesting.

Go watch Azhar only with an expectation of a fairly decent entertainer. Hopes of getting to know the real Azhar as a person from this film will only lead to disappointment. Emraan Hashmi will make sure that your single penny isn’t wasted on Azhar. Easily an one time watch.

Rating: 3/5


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