24 is an interesting concept which is highly engaging and entertaining. Film starts on a very high note keeping you glued to your seat for an hour. From the very first scene you are just eager to know what next. Vikram Kumar just ensures that 24 is going to be one of its kind joyride. Enter romance and you loose the interest from the film big time. An interesting thing unfolds in the film and romance spoils it all. Repetition in screenplay during that time makes it less interesting. Things go on like this till interval. The interval point is very interesting and post interval things are back on track. Yes there is romance post interval as well but it just vanishes within a blink.

The basic concept on time travel in 24 reminded me of 2006 released Hrithik Roshan starrer Krrish. In fact quite a few instances in the film made me remember Krrish. Vikram Kumar has very well played with the screenplay in making the film so engrossing. When you see the same scene after the time travel you still want to know how different is that scene and you are always in for a surprise. Kudos to Vikram Kumar.

Suriya is the star of the film. He has brilliantly enacted his three roles. My personal favourite would be the evil Suriya. His performance in 24 is close to Vaarnam Aayiram. Suriya ensures your money’s worth in 24. Samantha was decent and it was pleasant to see Nithya Menon in a small appearance. Special mention to the production design of the film. It is nothing short of a visual treat. VFX of the film is exceptional as far as Indian films are concerned but does not reach the Hollywood mark. Music of 24 was very ordinary considering it was composed by A.R. Rahman. Editing could have been better if the entire Samantha track could have been trimmed. It could have made the film shorter and slightly more interesting.

24 has few avoidable flaws in it but it makes for a great great watch. I would definitely recommend this one for Suriya and its interesting concept.

Rating: 3/5


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