Baaghi is mediocrity at its best level. Every single thing in the film is very mediocre, be it script, performances or music. The only different thing in Baaghi was the action; martial art Kalaripayattu.

Sabbir Khan played very safe with Baaghi. The film must have made for a profitable proposal when it was being pitched to the producers. Typical commercial storyline, action based film so cast the hottest actor known for action i.e Tiger Shroff, sweet Shraddha Kapoor to attract young girls to cinema and average music that will last on youngsters play list till the film survives in theatres.

Baaghi is entertaining but overloaded with action. First half lacks action and second half is overdose of action. Last thirty minutes is nothing but action, after a certain point you are bored of seeing breaking bones, blood spilling and same action moves. Film is very shoddy and nothing is impacting, nor the humour, nor the romance and after a point not even the action.

Tiger Shroff reminds you of Hrithik Roshan everytime he comes on screen. His expressions, dialogue delivery is carbon copy of Hrithik. It’s high time Tiger has his own style. Shraddha Kapoor was sweet as always. She was just being herself. Sudheer Babu; the antagonist fails to create an impression. Sunil Grover and Sanjay Mishra are delight to watch in small roles.

Baaghi isn’t a film to discuss or appreciate¬† technically. It is that film which can be seen, enjoyed if possible and forgotten with time.

Rating: 1.5/5


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