Sairat is disappointing. Blame it all on its huge hype created by the film’s aggressive promotions. Nagraj Manjule tells you the simplest story on the planet with no innovation at all. Film barely has something to offer.

Sairat is a typical love story. Boy likes girl. Both of them are madly in love with each other. The only thing that keeps them apart is obviously their respective families, due to cast issues which is not properly highlighted in the film. The only way for them to survive is to elope which they successfully do but then stars the same old thing. Circumstances reach them to an unknown place. They start a new life from a scratch. Problems, fights, sorting out and then a tragic ending. Climax is predictable even before the film reaches interval. It even reminds you of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Love Story. Mr. Manjule what made you feel like making this film especially after thought provoking Fandry.

Sairat has very few good things. The major highlight of the film is Rinku Rajguru. Her character is very well written and she has done complete justice to it. The only reason to watch the film on the big screen. Akash Thosar is good and has performed well but fades in front of Rinku.  Another good thing about the film is the melodious compositions by the deadly duo Ajay-Atul. Musical part of the film is done within initial little more than an hour or so. But, long live YouTube you can enjoy the film’s video songs there. Every song just describes the situation and do not take the story forward. No doubt every song is a soothing melody but you do not want the story to be beating around the bush. Nagraj Manjule succeeded by keeping the film as realistic as possible. Sairat shows you the darker side of the world we are not exposed to. The film being close to three hours does not bore you nor does it leave a good impression by the end of it. Nagraj has got many things perfect in Sairat be it research, locations, costumes or the actors. But all these fail to overshadow the weak story and screenplay of the film.

Overall Sairat is a perfect example of the famous Hindi proverb “khoda pahad, nikla chuha” Sairat can be best enjoyed on a DVD or when it premiers on satellite.

Rating: 2/5



  1. Film is good and i like the End it hold me for very long time because i was not accepting in this way And it not bad at all, this is the reality of our world people can to that much thing, some very good massage in film which is show and understand audience in better way that nice and over all i love the film, Marthi cinema dooing good i am Happy Nagraj Sahab


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