Theri is pure entertainment. It can also be termed as flawless entertainer because there is correct amount of everything from romance to action to family emotions. Theri makes for a perfect entertaining recipe because of its perfect ingredients.

Atlee executes an engrossing simple story. It starts with Joseph Kuruvilla and the flashback scene where we are introduced to Vijay Kumar is worth all the  whistles and claps. Direction of Atlee is very sleak. Editing is a big plus point of the film. Film do seems predictable at places but screenplay saves the film. Action in the film is quite subtle yet very powerful and looks apt. Emotional scenes will leave you teary eyed. Music was fairly good and background score gets extra marks for being better than the compositions.

Vijay has given a great performance. His character was very well written. He was loveable as Joseph Kuruvilla but I personally liked him as the dashing officer Vijay Kumar. He makes sure there is no one like him with his officer act. His introductory song will surely make you shout once more. Samantha and Amy Jackson have performed well. Samantha was decent and Amy for some good reason wasn’t there just for her good looks. No doubt Vijay steals the show and Nainika adorably supports him.

Theri is for everyone. Will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. This one is absolutely recommended. Best part of my movie watching experience was crazy Vijay fans dancing to his introductory song; that’s phenomenal. Surprisingly this was a multiplex. I haven’t seen this craze for a Salman Khan film even in Mumbai single screens.



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