Fan is an extraordinary execution of an ordinary story. From the trailer you get a rough idea what Fan is all about and honestly there is very little to explore in the film.

Fan starts beautifully with shots from Shahrukh Khan’s initial films and his interview bytes when he was new in the industry. After that starts the expansion of the teaser. First half is all about Fan teaser, there are some great moments in it but the overall impact of first half is not that great. The film starts becoming interesting nearing the interval. Post interval screenplay is ordinary but it’s Maneesh Sharma’s execution who makes the film so engrossing. You can predict things but you are busy enjoying the scene.

Shahrukh Khan has given one of his best performance till date. His double role deserves double appreciation for double hard work he went through to entertain his fans. Shahrukh as Aaryan had very little to do as he had to be himself. He delivers a jaw dropping performance as Gaurav. He has perfectly got every single nuance of a crazy fan. Highlight of Shahrukh Khan’s performance would be when Gaurav acts as Aaryan, you can clearly see two different people brilliantly portrayed singlehandedly by Shahrukh. His award winning act in the first half brilliantly choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant will make everyone fall for him. Shahrukh was well accompanied by a great supporting cast.

Manish Sharma’s vision of this story that looks so simple on paper is applause worthy. Screenplay may not be the best part of the film but Maneesh gave it his best shot to make Fan worth watching. Habib Faisal’s screenplay did cross all the limits of cinematic liberty. Too many scenes in the film that are very unreal, way beyond imagination and illogical. Editing of the film is perfect to the T. It’s hard to believe but there is no song in the film. Difficult to digest the fact that a Yash Raj Film starring Shahrukh Khan has no song in it. Jabra Fan also could not find a place for itself in the film.

Fan shows you the not so good world of celebrity’s life along with the dark world of crazy fans. Maneesh Sharma has perfectly shown things from starry tantrums to how a celebrity is different in public and in reality. Above all Fan has a great lesson for all the crazy fans of filmstars. Fan definitely deserves to be watched at least once.

Rating: 3.5/5



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