Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Sex can be Messy, but Love is True. This is how Love Games start and end. The trailer of Love Games gives you a clear cut idea about what the film is all about but then there is much more to it and that’s where Vikram Bhatt manages to earn some brownie points.

Love Games has an unbelievable but a pretty interesting story with an above average screenplay that makes the film just bearable. The film starts on an interesting note with screenplay moving forward at a very moderate pace. For the longest time Vikram Bhatt does not offer anything but keeps you engaged with things unfolding slowly and surprises you with his climax. Problem with the good part in the film is that it’s not novel. Suspense quotient of the film looks very old. After Abbas-Mustan’s Race in 2008 this type of suspense for a Bollywood film is way too old fashioned. No doubt Vikram Bhatt keeps you glued to your seats throughout the film but fails to keep you on the edge of it. You are not bored as such in the film but the film is not something that can’t be missed.

You need to watch the entire movie to understand Patralekhaa’s performance. Initially you feel she is underutilized, this was her wrong choice, she can do much better; but after the film she seems to be the perfect one for it. She is psychotic, over dramatic, her accent is childish but she is someone to look out for in the entire film. Tara Alisha Berry and debutante Gaurav Arora have performed decently. Hiten Tejwani has a small part in the film and he was wrongly cast. Music and background score was nothing beyond just good. Editing managed to save the film to a large extent.

Love Games will be better enjoyed on a DVD or a satellite premiere rather than spending your hard earned money and taking efforts to go and watch it in a theatre. Not totally avoidable but not worth prioritizing also. Watch it whenever free.



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