Rocky Handsome is a disappointment but thankfully not a colossal one. The trailer of the film was very interesting, it looked sleak and made you want to watch the film. Music of the film released and every single song was simply amazing. Album of Rocky Handsome is undoubtedly one of the best album of 2016 till date. These two things made the film very predictable yet you looked forward to the film sadly to get disappointed.

Rocky Handsome is problematic from the word go. The film is as slow as turtle’s pace initially and you are badly waiting for the story to move ahead so that the film becomes interesting. For the longest time film just beats around the bush and because of that the good moments of the film lose their charm somewhere whenever they appear. Film has some interesting moments in bits and pieces but the film is not engrossing enough. John Abraham carries one same expression throughout the film. He has not acted in the film but just performed action sequences. John please for once surprise the audience by your acting capabilities. Nishikant Kamat’s direction is strictly average and one of the main reason for Rocky Handsome turning out to be a disappointment. As mentioned, the film is predictable but there is something in the film that makes you sit throughout the film.

Rocky Handsome has mind blowing action. Never seen such great action in a Hindi film. Action scenes are the saving grace of the film. These stunts are beautifully accompanied by some noteworthy background score. Even a simple scene where John Abraham is just walking has lovely background score making the scene not so boring. That goes on throughout the film. One more good thing about Rocky Handsome is the performances by the supporting cast. Teddy Maurya is the scene stealer and you crack up every time he comes on screen.

Yes there is Shruti Haasan in the film but her presence is completely avoidable. Rocky Handsome is only for action film lovers. John Abraham fans can watch it once.

Rating: 2.5/5


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