Kapoor & Sons; as the name suggests is all about family. The film is indeed about Kapoor family but at times it just deviate to nowhere making you wait for the ultimate family drama.

Shakun Batra starts the film very well with his nuanced direction and characterisation. You are convinced that you are all set for a happy go lucky family trip but twenty minutes into the film and Shakun just loses his plot. Kapoor & Sons becomes about only romance, honestly romance in the film is very subtle but first half is majorly dominated by romantic track which was unnecessary. Don’t know why Shakun waits for interval to bring the film back on track. Post interval there is no looking back. The screenplay is pitch perfect and every single person that watches the film will somehow relate to it. The drama in some scenes becomes a bit too much but Shakun takes care of it before it becomes illogical or unbelievable. Kapoor & Sons is high on emotional quotient and it strikes the right chord with you. The chemistry between various characters in the film is the biggest plus point of the film. Last thirty minutes of the film you just feel sad for the Kapoor family. Of course there is a happy ending with a pinch of sadness to it.

Rishi Kapoor makes you want a grandfather like him. The coolest character in the film. His performance was great as usual. Next in great performances are the great actors Ratna Pathak Shah and Rajat Kapur. They take the scene to an altogether different level. Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan are simply adorable in the film. Their fans would be happy to see them in the film. Their performance is simple and nothing great. Alia Bhatt is a huge problem in the film. Her character is least important in the story and she is just too big as an established actress for this role. Any other actress who excels in supporting roles could have fitted her part. She has given her two hundred per cent in the film and her performance is also noteworthy but her character doesn’t do justice to her acting capabilities.

Kapoor & Sons has a very good album. Songs fit perfectly in the film. Editing of the film is just average especially in first half. Impressive production design and beautiful locations makes Kapoor & Sons a good watch.

This one was much better than Shakun Batra’s previous one Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. The fact I liked about the film was the drama in it and the emotional quotient which is perfect to the T. First half was not that interesting so would not rate the film too high. Overall Kapoor & Sons is a good watch.

Rating: 3/5


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