I am wondering when was the last time I was so clueless while writing a review. Don’t understand from where do I start. Let’s start with the story. Boy loves girl. Girl is unaware that the boy is a gangster. There is a misunderstanding between then due to which girl leaves the boy just before their marriage and goes to Dublin. The moment she reaches Dublin she is arrested for no reason. It’s time for the boy to prove his undying love. He comes to Dublin to save his love and how he does it is what Teraa Surroor all about. Breaking news is that the story is written by Himesh Reshammiya. Wonder from where he found such boring story.

Talking about performances, Himesh Reshammiya has put in his best efforts to perform but unfortunately what I felt about his performance is that; acting does not suit him. I want to know the reason why Naseruddin Shah and Shekhar Kapur agreed to do this film. They hardly have any screen time in this hundred minutes film. Both the girls are sheer waste of time. Monica Dogra, better select some good films in the future.

Music of the film can be enjoyed only by the devotees of Himesh Reshammiya. It seemed as if Himesh himself remade his original compositions. In film the songs seems forced and come at any time. Quite a few locations in the film are beautiful but you can’t punish youself to bear this hundred minutes torture.

Overall Teraa Surroor can be easily skipped.

Rating: 1/5


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