Zubaan is a typical festival kind of film. The story, the casting, he production design, music and entire look and feel of Zubaan is that of a festival film.

Zubaan has an interesting story but it’s connect with the audience isn’t that strong. Not many will connect with the story nor the characters in the film. Film fails to connect emotionally. Narrative is very confusing, entire first half goes in establishing the plot but strangely nothing great happens in the second half also. It is very difficult to understand what Mozez Singh wants to say through Zubaan. Story and screenplay seems to be very confusing also it is flat paced and quite slow.

Zubaan works for one and only Vicky Kaushal. His performance is magical. Honesty and dedication in his performance is very rarely seen in Bollywood films. If at all you tend to watch Zubaan in cinemas it’s Vicky Kaushal who will give you your money’s worth. Sarah Jane Dias has given her best shot but there is hardly anything for her in the film. Music of the film is noteworthy. Ashu Pathak’s attempt to blend folk and contemporary music worked very well. Production design of the film is authentic. Film looks very real because of the locations in it.

Overall Zubaan may not appeal to everyone. You may enjoy this film online or on satellite but definitely not worth taking efforts to go and watch it in a theatre. Rating is solely for the attempt by Mozez Singh and the future powerhouse of talent; Vicky Kaushal.

Rating: 2/5


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