Tere Bin Laden – Dead Or Alive is a sequel to the successful Tere Bin Laden which released in 2010. Honestly I did not enjoy Tere Bin Laden at all and I hardly found the film to be funny.Nothing has changed with this instalment as well.

Film starts from how the earlier one i.e Tere Bin Laden was made starring Ali Zafar (he also makes a guest appearance in the film) was made which actually makes no sense apart from wasting the initial run time of the film. Then are the after effects of Odama Bin Laden’s death on the makers of the film.

Tere Bin Laden – Dead Or Alive may sound very funny on paper but when it came to execution, Abhishek Sharma was kind of incapable to give complete justice to those scenes. Pradhuman Singh has written a fairly decent story because of which the film does not seem to be boring. The only problem with this comedy film is, that it is not funny at all. Comedy film lovers who can laugh at any type of comedy may find the film entertaining but others better stay away from it.

Manish Paul, kindly continue anchoring, even if you have genuine intentions of becoming a good actor please put in some efforts. Acting in a film is not just mimicking. Pradhuman Singh and Sugandha Garg were good. Piyush Mishra and Sikandar Kher were something to look out for in the film. Editing of the film helped big time to make the film little entertaining.

Tere Bin Laden – Dead Or Alive is not that bad, but its definitely not something that needs to be seen. Any free day where you have nothing to do, just rent the DVD or wait for it’s satellite premiere and enjoy the film then.

Rating: 2/5


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