Bollywood Diaries is about the struggle of those infinite people who dream about making it big in Bollywood but unfortunately end up facing failure. K. D. Satyam has a beautiful story to tell and the film has turned out to be a fairly decent one but its just not the perfect one.

Two major reasons for film not being perfect:
Poor production design. It’s very prominent throughout the film that the entire look and feel of the film is just not doing justice to the story.
Great performances but unfortunately cast wrongly. Ashish Vidyarthi is superb as always and the only one in the film who proves he was the apt choice for the part. Other two protagonists, Raima Sen and Salim Diwan are outstanding but someone else in their places would have created a better impact of the film.

Film has an engaging narrative that keeps you glued to your seats. The best part of the film is that you are curious to know what happens to the protagonists at the end of the film. Even though there are three stories going on simultaneously with one conclusion film doesn’t seem confusing or looks like it just jumps from one story to another. Songs in the film and their lyrics aptly describes the situation and take the story forward.

Overall Bollywood Diaries is a decent watch. Maybe better budget and popular star cast could have done justice to the story.



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