Hansal Mehta undoubtedly is a director class apart. His method to tell a story is a lesson in itself. Aligarh is a great example of a sensitive story told beautifully.

Aligarh is a story of Prof. Sirus who is suspended from his University just before his retirement because of his sexual orientation. This one liner is enough to pull audiences to the theatre to know what Prof. Sirs must have through in his life and Hansal Mehta has done complete justice to the character. His take on exploring Prof. Sirus via journalist is very ordinary but once you are into life of Sirus who do not think anything else apart form him that’s the power of Hansal Mehta’s direction and Apurva Asrani’s writing. The unexpectedly shocking climax leaves you stunned and you come out just feeling sad for Prof. Sirus.

Manoj Bajpayee as Prof. Sirus just steals you heart with his splendid performance. No doubt Manoj Bajpayee is a great actor but in Aligarh he has raised his bar as an actor. His style of talking Marathi, abusing, reciting poems and his loneliness; everything is just flawlessly performed. Rajkummar Rao never fails to surprise you and in Aligarh he is no different. You just ask yourself how he manages to perform every single role so uniquely without a pinch of reflection of himself as a person or his previous roles. Remaining cast just supports well but Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkummar Rao are just fantastic in the film.

Aligarh is very slow initially. You wait for the story to move forward but you don’t even realize when Apurva Asrani’s writing and Hansal Mehta’s direction picks up and the pace of the film still being moderate to slow you are just lost in the film. Hansal Mehta has successfully made his point of respecting a person irrespective who is that person. One cannot just make somebody’s life miserable for no reason. Your heart goes out for Prof. Sirus. Other technical aspects like editing, background score, production design, dialogues, music is just perfect.

Aligarh is a must watch for Hansal Mehta, Apurva Asrani, Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkummar Rao. Hansal Mehta will change the way you perceive things and have opinions about something. I strongly recommend Aligarh.

Rating: 4/5


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