Loveshhuda; the title sounds interesting but unfortunately the film is not that interesting. It’s a typical boy meets girl love story where the director Vaibhav Mishra tries his level best to execute it differently but fails to succeed completely. Film has its share of pluses and minuses:

Plus Points:
Film has quite a few good situations in the first half making that particular scene enjoyable.
Some songs in the film like Aaj Phir Peene Ki Tamanna and Mar Jaayein try to entertain you.
Girish Kumar fans which are very few or there aren’t any; whoever finds him good looking can watch Loveshhuda.

Minus Points:
Story is very predictable and screenplay is not at all engaging.
The 130 minutes seems to be never ending, you wait for the interval and post that for the climax.
The film overall fails to entertain you.

Talking about the good situations in the film are spoiled by the actors in it; precisely the main protagonists. Girish Kumar’s performance is very unstable in the film. In some scenes you can actually make out that he didn’t get that particular expression or line right. Wonder what was Vaibhav Mishra doing. Navneet Dhillon is very ordinary, nothing great about her performance.

Overall a simple story gone waste by wrong casting. Loveshhuda would have been at least enjoyable if there were some decent actors in it. Not recommended. Rating only for that few potions in first half I didn’t find boring.

Rating: 1.5/5


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