Stories based on real life are not new in Bollywood, what matters is its presentation and trust me Neerja is indeed a different one. It is all set to take you through the life of a girl next door named Neerja Bhanot. Neerja is a story of simple girl who worked as a flight attendant and her brave actions that made her a hero.

Trailer gave you little insight, that the film is about hijack making you think how differently a hijack can be shown in a film. Ram Madhvani is a genius when it comes to trying things differently; not to forget this is his directorial debut. Films starts very ordinarily where two things are shown simultaneously; one is Neerja’s day to day life and other one where terrorists are planning the hijack. The real magic happens when the flight takes off. Not for a second you are bored of seeing just the plane for next 90 minutes. Ram has beautifully incorporated flashbacks exploring Neerja as a person. The way film goes into flashbacks is noteworthy. Kudos to Ram Madhvani for that. Just the camera angles in some plane scenes are very shaky but apart from that direction is brilliant. There is no doubt that film keeps you on the edge of your seat and the climax will just leave you teary eyed.

Sonam Kapoor has undoubtedly given the best performance of her career till date. She actually owns the character and is thoroughly convincing as Neerja Bhanot. Every single thing about her in the film is just perfect. She has very well enacted emotional and dramatic scenes. She has got every single act of a 23 year old perfect to the T. Be it reading a love letter in plane, or being the star at colony parties. At the same time her act of a matured housewife unhappy with her marriage is simply flawless. My favorite scenes are ones with her husband and the scene where she sings Mere Sapno Ki Rani in flight; do watch out for this scene. All I can say is that, Sonam Kapoor has arrived as a performer. Credit goes to Ram Madhvani for bringing out the best in Sonam. Shabana Azmi is flawless as always. She is sad about losing her daughter but at the same time she feels proud for her daughters bravery. Shekhar Ravjiani’s acting is as good as his compositions. The remaining cast fits the part and the casting of the film is perfect.

Coming to other aspects; editing of the film is top notch. No time-pass in the film, star to end the film is to the point. Cinematography was great. Hats off to the production design team of the film. Considering the plane was constructed only for the shooting purpose, it takes lots of efforts to create something with so much detailing and not giving you chance to complain about anything. Rest all things like music or background score just takes a backseat when the film is so engaging.

Overall Neerja is a must watch. Try not to miss this one.

Rating: 4/5


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