Poshter Girl precisely is an average fun filled and entertaining film. Film has a cliched story with a good message just told in a different way.

Poshter Girl starts very vaguely. Hemant Dhome has written a good script but seems director Samir Patil finds it difficult to execute it in such a way that gives justice to the writing. Too many characters, their introductions and establishing them takes a lot of time making the first half with barely any substance. In second half things fall in right place and film becomes enjoyable and is on one right track.

Poshter Girl gives a sensitive message and that’s the highpoint of the film. More than comic, film is thought provoking. Humor in the film is subtle, no laugh out moments at all. Towards the end of the film you do feel entertained and satisfied with it but the film remains to be ordinary and nothing exceptional.

Performances were not great. Actors like Anand Ingle and Vaibhav Mangle barely have any scenes. The primary cast has good characters but performances are very ordinary. Jitendra Joahi, Siddharth Menon can perfrom much better. Aniket Vishwasrao was a surprise package though. Sonali Kulkarni’s performance does not make you feel even for a second that it’s out and out her film. Direction was very ordinary. Music was apt as per the film.

Over all Poshter Girl is a strictly mediocre film. Can be watched once.

Rating: 2.5/5


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