Firstly it’s so good to see Sunny Deol back on big screen. I know last time he was seen in 2015 but hardy anyone saw him in I Love NY. This time he is back with a bang. That dhai kilo ka haath, his anger, his dialogues are something to look for in Ghayal Once Again.

Ghayal Once Again starts with some scenes from Ghayal taking you down the memory lane. So good to see young Sunny Deol, nothing much has changed though. This installment; for namesake is just continuation but Ajay Mehra do retain his intolerance for injustice. Very basic story line with good amount of action and chase sequences. That’s where you find your money’s worth.

Surprisingly Ghayal Once Again is very engaging. Initially it’s very unstable but once Sunny Deol makes an entry film takes a different mode. Editing of the film is crisp making it worth watching. Performance wise Sunny Deol is too good anday thats enough. Film has nicely put light on some issues which are lost somewhere. You do start thinking about it while watching the film. Too many VFX heavy shots but that is overshadowed since you are more interested to know about what next.

Film can be easily watched once without any hesitation. I will recommend Ghayal Once Again for Sunny Deol. Must say is a pretty good writer and a director.



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