Sports based films are not new in Bollywood and boxing in movies has now become very familiar after Mary Kom, Brothers. Sudha Kongara came on board with excellent homework and managed to make a simple rather a clichéd story into a great film.

Saala Khadoos is very simple as a story, in fact predictable at places. The trailer might have reminded you of previous Bollywood films like Chak De India or Mary Kom but the film takes you on an altogether different joyride filled with lots of emotions and excitement for what’s next.

Saala Khadoos touches the right chord with its emotional scenes. Film is sans melodrama and as realistic as possible. Towards the climax the film becomes typical Bollywood with slow motion shots or coincidentally right person coming at right time etc. Narrative is very simple yet you wait for the next incident in the film, all thanks to Sudha Kongara’s execution. Film has as many short twists and turns wherever possible. It takes some unexpected turns in between completely surprising you.

R. Madhavan has perfectly got into his character. Even though he plays his part by acting his own way he did justice to his role. But somewhere you could see Madhavan in Adi. Ritika Singh was very raw. Her performance was very believable. Her character had various layers and she is simply superb in every scene. The other actor who steals the show is Zakir Hussain as Dev. Perfectly casted. No else could have played that part with so much conviction. Remaining supporting cast was just good.

Sudha Kongara has made a mark as a director with this film. Direction was just outstanding. Music in the film was meaningful if nothing else. Every single song in the film takes the story forward and lyrics beautifully explain that particular situation. Editing is pitch perfect. Not a single dull moment.

Most importantly Saala Khadoos excellently shows how politics in sports spoils everything from career of someone to relations with someone. It won’t be wrong to say that many scenes in the film are like a reflection of the society. Jealousy, revenge, passion is superbly portrayed in this amazing film. I strongly recommend Saala Khadoos.

Rating: 3.5/5


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