Undoubtedly the first best film of the year. I am sure Akshay Kumar will maintain this record year after year. (Last year Baby, this year Airlift) Airlift is very realistic, emotional at places and connects very well with the audience. That’s where film has managed a win win situation for itself. Airlift is serious, thought provoking and above all filled with great pride.

Airlift beautifully portrays how a situation can change a person. Humanity arises only when one goes through worst phases of their lives. It beautifully showcases “United we stand Divided we fall”.

Airlift has to the point story, pitch perfect editing, some brilliant dialogues and it stunningly shows one of the great chapter of recent history. It was a one man show and that man is Raja Krishna Menon. The story by him was interesting and the screenplay with his team was engaging.

Akshay Kumar made his character look perfect. You can’t imagine anyone except him in the role. Nimrat Kaur is raw and makes you want to see her more on screen. She is outstanding where she defends Akshay Kumar. Her performance has made you like her in that character, which no other actor could have pulled it off so well. The rest of the casting was perfect. Each actor was given the role that was best suited for them.

Film is very well edited. Very few bland moments in the film but the climax makes it for all. Production design of the film was noteworthy. Music wasn’t given much importance in the film which worked in its favour.

Overall Airlift is a must watch. Film is just shoddy at very few places in the first half but the overall impact of he film is nothing less than amazing. Without any second thoughts just go and watch this one.

Rating: 4/5


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