Ravi Jadhav has always made films that are entertaining and contains every ingredient of a commercial cinema i.e drama, romance, action, emotion, drama etc. Guru is nothing different. Sanjay Jadhav takes Guru on a higher scale as far as Marathi cinema is concerned but he forgot that Marathi cinema is just secondary to Bollywood. Making something at par Bollywood will add nothing to the film as far as originality is concerned.

Guru from the word go is everything that a commercial Bollywood film is all about. Hero makes a grand entry with an action scene followed by the introductory song. Heroine just romances and helps hero achieve his mission. There is a powerful villain who is beaten up by hero. In short Guru is Dabangg or Singham of Marathi cinema. Rural locations, correct amount of action, romance, drama etc nothing more or less than one another. As far as the film is concerned, a Bollywood lover won’t consider Guru as a novel film.

No doubt Guru is entertaining, all thanks to the charm of Ankush Chaudhari, innocence of Urmila Kothare and above all the art of entertaining audience which is specially possessed by Sanjay Jadhav. The protagonists have given their best but it’s the antagonist Murali Sharma who is the show stealer. His performance is top notch. Music is very average considering it is a Sanjay Jadhav film. Editing saves the film big time. Pace dips at some places but before its late film is back on track. Cinematography was nothing less than bad. The special effects in the film seemed unnecessary.

Overall Guru is only for those who watch only Marathi films as this will be something new for them. The film can be enjoyed on TV on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Better save your money for the next Sanjay Jadhav film.

Rating: 2.5/5


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