There are films which you go to watch with no expectations and the film turns out to be worth your time and money. Chalk N Duster is one such film. Any film will be good if its seen with zero expectations but Chalk N Duster is a genuine attempt made to bring out some very important issues which are neglected.

Chalk N Duster is about Indian education system, the flaws in it, how its becoming an business with passing time and the respect for teachers which is lost somewhere. Jayant Gilatar brings out some very crucial issues about the education system but its the screenplay of Ranjeet and Neetu Verma which makes Chalk N Duster an enjoyable fare. Film is straight to the point and there is honesty in every single scene from every single person be it actor, director or other technicians; yet at times many instances in film make you question its authenticity. Obviously considering it is just a film some scenes are quite over the top. Film is repetitive and predictable at places but the writing wins it over everything else. Film has a very simple narrative. Film is very ordinary in second half where there are rally sequences, support of news channel to prove the point etc seems very cliched.

Performance by every single actor is nothing short of brilliance. Difficult to pick the best one. Shabana Azmi proves that she can fit in any part that too for any film. Juhi Chawla once again impresses the audience. Her character gives her enough scope to perform and she nails it. Rishi Kapoor in a special appearance is delightful. Divya Dutta as the antagonist is simply good. Richa Chadha proves her versatility with her simple role. Rest of the supporting cast; Upasana Singh, Girish Karnad, Zarina Wahab, Jackie Shroff, Arya Babbar have performed their parts well. Jayant Gilatar’s as a director was fairly good with his job. In this simple story oriented film rest all the factors take a backseat as the film is all about beautiful performances and engaging screenplay.

Chalk N Duster is recommended for its simplicity. Try and watch this one.

Rating: 2.5/5


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